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“I am depressed… I lost my basic thermodynamics paper again…”

Does that ring a bell in your mind?? Does that sound familiar to you??

Well, our life, as students, is really hectic. We spend most of our time on books, college, classes, libraries, and more importantly the dreadful internals and exams. We burn the midnight oil, do combined studies, and give up watching movies, playing sports, and some even stop socializing during the exams. We run through every page of a huge book, hoping to crack that twisted question and secure that illusive ‘S’ grade..

Ranging from receiving tips from our parents on how to cope with the stress, to being thrown out of the examination hall in search of that extra mark to pass…Well…We do it all..We do everything on earth just for the sake of one thing…”GRADES”…

Are grades so important??Important than our social needs?? Have we become some sort of machines?? To absorb information and puke it out on the answer sheet?? According to what most of us feel, the answer is a big NO.

Studies have shown that the amount of stress and pressure that we students go through during exams is tremendous. Many of us suffer from anxiety and more chronic ones may even resort to suicides.

The question is, are examinations a reliable mode of assessment of what we students know??  Does it portray the real knowledge the student has gained?? Sadly, as most of our educationists agree, it is not so.

Albert Einstein, a world renowned scientist, flunked in his math exam. But, when we look at the impact that he has made on today’s science, we don’t give a damn to that math paper he lost. All that we do is to admire his amazing work.

Even Bill gates for that matter, had always been among the bottom few of his class. But look where he stands today. As the C.E.O of Microsoft, a company which revolutionized the field of computing.

It’s not about failing. It’s about coping with failure and saying to ourselves that this is not going to happen again. As the saying goes, “student life’s golden life”. So as students, we should engage ourselves in as much of extracurricular activities as we possibly can…

Because, ten years down the line, when we look back at our engineering, we don’t remember our marks in exams or the subjects we flunked in .All that comes to our minds are the crazy things which we did, those boring classes, those trips with our buddies, those parking lot chats, those night outs, those rides to chamundi hills, the way we cheated in the internals, fests, crushes, and the relationships which you had thought to be long time.. And we cannot stop ourselves from smiling!!

So, when we are here, we should try and create as much memories as we possibly can, and then don’t regret for having missed out.

Engineering is a journey. There’s much more to it than this boring internals and exams. We should,   at least now, realize that “ Grades are not everything” and start enjoying the journey, as it unfolds, and make the most out of it.

  1. ankitha uthappa says:

    i think this is the way articles should be written..

  2. santoshdev says:

    good one 🙂 keep it up !

  3. sudeep says:

    well said man…..good article……anyone who read’s dis vil reform himself i guz….

  4. sushanth says:

    dude bill gates was very good in studies da….he was called a harvard drop out ….bcoz it was fromm harvard law school…..he was a computer geek he will always be…he is but a true inspiration…lets not mis quote him

  5. Ritwik says:

    Hi your article is good but it lacks new ideas and thoughts. I want you to read this blog so that you can get a start with some more powerful and deep insights about IT and Education system. All the best.

    • hey that was helpful!! i kinda started off jus nw with my writings…. keep givin ur suggestions!!!will help me improve myself!!wr r u from?? u know me??

      • Ritwik says:

        I saw your blog link posted on facebook, So just clicked and landed up writing a comment on your post.Anyway keep blogging from now onwards i will be following you.

  6. Mahi says:

    Hi i m frnd of pavan, i saw d blog link posted by him just clicked on it.
    I also liked ur blog keep blogging..
    All d best…

  7. ramya says:

    inspirational blog,..!!!!

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