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People…as I’ve told u already…I am an engineering student from mysore..n i try n do new things just for the sake of time pass….one such idea of mine was to watch a theatrical play at rangayana…a pretty famous theatre for plays in mysore…..myself n 4 of my friends….had purchased d tickets some 20 days back itself as it was a famous play…MALEGALALLI MADHUMAGALU….one of the most famous novels kannada literature has ever had…written by KUVEMPU..our rashtrakavi…

The day finally arrived…5th of may 2010!! Wt’s so special about this play is its duration…it’s a 9 hour long play!! That too in the night!!startin from 9 o clock in the nite till 6 o clock in the morning…this is the first time ever…such a long kannada play was being staged n I had never seen a theatrical play before…thought I shud not miss this one…n I initiated 4 of my friends, sushanth,shreyus mallya,madhu n vineet!! We landed up at the rangayana at around 8:45…hoping for a memorable night out…we walked in with tickets in our hands…n took our places…there were some 200 people sittin with us…we were shocked to spot 2 of our seniors sittin in another corner…one of them from our own branch…royal mechanical!!

It started off at 9 o clock..with a lady coming over the stage and reading out the names of the technicians involved…we were quite excited…the characters started entering n the level of kannada that they were using was quite high!! I could make out most of the things…but friends…forgot to tel u…vineet’s from Chennai!! His kannada is way poor….he couldn’t make the head or tail of wts goin on… he changed his seat..came n sat beside me…n I started to explain him as much as I could….he started getting pissed as I could not explain him the whole thing as I was busy watching!! I remember scolding him a few times as he couldn’t even make out the simplest of kannada dialogues!! It was nothing short of a 3 hour long torture for him before the first interval was announced!!

He almost started crying..scolding me for making him go thru this…to make matters worse…he had his lab exam the very next day… sushanth finally agreed to drop him back n they left to the hostel. I struggled my way through the crowd to get myself a cup of tea to keep myself from sleeping!!mallya was desperate for a fag n he was requesting us to go to the railway station cos dats d only place where u can get a fag at 12 in the nite!!people who fag can get way too desperate than u can imagine!! Finally I managed to convince him that we cant go as we dint have much time…he slowly dragged his ass…with disappointment..back to the next location of the play…n took our seats..this time with our seniors…. As sushanth made his way bak droppin vineet to the hostel…

the 2nd part of the play was quite funny…we laughed a lot…as we hogged on a few snacks dat our seniors had bought!! I guess we ate more than them… n d funny part is..i dnt think they even noticed….!!! It was time fr the second 2 in the nite…we were kinda sleepy… sushanth suggested we better shift our next location to hostel n get our asses on bed…I resisted!! Even though I was sleepy…I felt I shud watch the whole damn thing!! Mallya was busy suggesting his railway station plans again… I could see the amount of desperation on his face when he saw some guy smoking his way to glory below a tree… ha ha!!dat was fuuny!! Somebody had told him dat smoking inside was prohibited!! When he came to know that it was allowed..he was disgusted!! I couldn’t even grab a tea this time as there were way too much people in the counter…n the play started again!!

The third part begun..n it was a bit borin..or we were way too sleepy!! Either way…we cudnt make out wt was goin on…we lost track of the story completely!! Madhu n sushanth were sleepin on my lap…!!! They were totally down..n out!! I tried to figure out wt was happening…but in vain…then started takin pics of these 2 people sleepin on my lap!!i was way too jobless!!! Asked my senior to take a pic of us 3 in his digicam!! His batteries were dry…n I felt sad….i somehow managed to get thru dat session..n it was time for the third interval…it was 4 in d mng!!

I woke sush n mahu up…n dragged our asses to the next location…sushanth said he’ll leave…walked till the gates…n suddenly he decided against it n came bak to join us!!i knew he wud do dat!! There were no seats in this location…we had to sit on an elevated floor…it kinda made things sleeping friendly!!sushanth dozed off again on madhu’s helmet!! Me,shreyus n madhu were partially awake…this is the time wn I started to lose eyes started closing n I slowly stole the helmet from sushanth n I kinda dozed off before he coluld realize he had lost it!! It felt great!! At around 5…sushanth n mallya decided to call it a nite n they left to the hostel… I woke up thn…n sumhw managed to finish the play at 6 in d morning!!

God!! I had jus sat through a freakin 9 hour long(excruciatingly long) play!! After n madhu went n talked to few of the artists… I remember telling one of em dat “u were too gud” even if I dint remember the character he played!! I actually couldn’t even recognize him!! Dat was funny!! N then we left to our places at 6:30 n I slept off…bunking all the classes!!

Wtever it is..was a memorable night out in more ways than one!! It was a funny experience!!nw all of us…including vineet cherish it!! N vineet told me dat he’ll make me sit through a 9 hour long tamil play to make me experience wt he went thru dat nite!! I said “I NEVER MIND”!!!

  1. krithika says:

    Hey, lol lol lol lol lol 🙂 just love the way u write. I presumed that sushanth would sleep , no doubt 🙂 . I can imagine how difficult it was for you to explain the play to Vineet,really wish i was there. damm i missed the fun. Hey upload the snaps would love to see them 🙂

  2. vaishnavi says:

    supperrb kanooo…….
    ultimate blog…\\\it is a gud start..
    keeep it up man….

  3. lakshmi says:

    ooh!!this is way too gud..!!
    cant imagine wat all crops up ur mind to mak memories more cherishable..:))
    anyways do keep bloggin..its nice:)

  4. lakshmi says:

    and this is for vineeth “dnt forget to drag him to a 9hr tamil play..!!!”…

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